Kids Orthodontics in chennai

Kids orthodontics, also known as pediatric orthodontics, focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental misalignments and malocclusions in children.

Crowding occurs when there is insufficient space in the mouth for all the permanent teeth to erupt properly. This results in teeth that are overlapping or rotated.

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Children’s jaws and facial structures are still growing, making it an opportune time to guide proper dental and skeletal development.

Consist of brackets that are connected by archwires and bonded to the teeth. Elastic bands may be used to apply additional force for tooth movement.

Utilize brackets that do not require elastic bands, reducing friction and the need for frequent adjustments.

External appliances are used by the pediatric dentists in Mogappair as it applies gentle force to guide jaw growth, correct overbites, and improve facial balance.

Correcting orthodontic issues improves oral hygiene by making it easier to clean teeth and reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw joint problems.

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Wearing retainers as prescribed by the best restorative dentists in Chennai helps to maintain the new tooth and jaw positions and prevent relapse.

Consultation with the best Kids Orthodontics in Chennai is recommended to assess and address individual needs for successful orthodontic treatment in children.

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