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We Are Dr. Anji Dental Care Best Dental Clinic

Dental Care is located at of, Chennai. At Dr. Anji Dental Care we provide a wide range of oral health care services to patients, from routine dental check-ups to treating various oral diseases. Our dentists are extremely qualified professionals and well trained with all the modern techniques. We ensure that you’ll receive the best quality treatment with utmost kindness and compassion. We follow all the COVID-19 protocols, ensuring a safer environment for the dentists and the patients.

Medical Technology

Our Advanced Technologies

Cutting-edge technology providing precise, efficient root canal treatments by experienced dental specialists.

Welcome to Dr. Anji Dental Care, where we strive to provide our patients with the

Cutting-edge dental technology for accurate digital impressions, enhancing orthodontic treatment precision and patient comfort.
Professional services ensuring oral hygiene, plaque removal, and gum health by expert dentists.
Advanced technology for precise dental alignments, offering comfortable and effective orthodontic solutions for straighter teeth.
Advanced imaging technology providing precise dental diagnostics and enhanced patient care with minimal radiation exposure.
How We Work

Dental Care Treatments: A Comprehensive Directory

Oral & Maxillofacial Treatment

Oral & Maxillofacial Treatment

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Dental Orthodontic Treatment

Dental Orthodontic Treatment

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Kids Dentistry

Effective orthodontic solutions for correcting thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and other oral habits in children.
Essential devices used to preserve space for permanent teeth after early loss of baby teeth.
Expert professionals providing top-notch dental restorations, implants, crowns, and comprehensive smile makeovers for optimal oral

The first dental visit with your child marks a significant milestone in their journey towards

Pulp Therapy: Preserving and Treating the Dental Pulp in Children Pulp therapy is a vital

Kids Dental crowns in Chennai are commonly used in pediatric dentistry to restore and protect


What Patients Say About Us

We had a very pleasant experience with Dr.Anji and his staff. Coming into the office it was very clean and nicely organised. The staff are professional and greeted me right away. Dr.Anji is professional, friendly and attentive. He took the time to explain the procedure in a very informative way. He talks to you and explains exactly what needs to be done before and after the procedure. I recommend this dental clinic to everyone in need of any dental procedure with reasonable prices.

Ayathu Swathi


As a dentist myself , I had very few options to choose someone to crown one of my teeth .
Visited this place to get it done by Dr Anji after been referred by my sister .
Dr Anji was one of my sisters professor. To be very honest Dr Anji is so professional. He is keen on minor details and gives so much importance for each and every step during the procedure.
I didn’t have any discomfort during or post treatment. I’m completely happy with the service and with my crown too …No post – operative complaints or complications.
The place is quite , neat and tidy.
They also do follow-up calls post treatment .

Priyanga KishoreKumar


The clinic is very neat and clean. Young dentists attended to me . Liked the seat and sunecwater flow during treatment was smooth and comfortable. Felt as if you are in California USA where I went to a known dentist for a minor issue . Overall great experience.

Kavitha B


Dr. ANJI is well experienced and kind.
I did root canal 4 days before and doctor is specialist in root canal and cost is affordable.
Doctor is giving more care for the treatment upto his satisfaction and patient satisfaction.
Really a good experienced doctor.

Kaja mohideen


I had good experience at the clinic.
The Doctors were kind to me. During the surgery, the doctor understood my fear, so he explained calmly about the situation to reduce my anxiety .

Moses Immanuel