OPG (Full Mouth X-Ray Machine)

OPG stands for Orthopantomogram, which is a specialized type of dental x-ray examination that provides a comprehensive overview.

It is used by dentists and oral surgeons to diagnose and treat a variety of dental and oral health conditions.

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The patient is positioned in front of the OPG machine, typically standing or seated. The patient’s head is aligned with the OPG machine’s headrest, and the chin and forehead are stabilized using a bite stick.

The machine used at the top orthopantomogram X-ray centres in Mogappair may have different options for adults and children.

The machine which is used at the digital OPG X-ray centres in Chennai emits a small, controlled amount of radiation to create the image.

The image can be adjusted and enhanced using specialized software to optimize visibility and provide a clear and detailed view.

The OPG can help identify various dental issues, such as tooth decay, impacted teeth, infections, fractures, and bone abnormalities.

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OPG provides a broad overview of the entire mouth, allowing the dentist at the best OPG dental test centres in Mogappair.

The panoramic image captured by OPG eliminates the need for multiple individual x-rays, saving time for both the dental professional and the patient.

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