Process of Dental Examinations

We will delve into the different types of dental examinations that dentists employ to keep our smiles healthy and bright.

These are the standard dental examinations that individuals are advised to undergo at least twice a year.

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Comprehensive examinations include a thorough examination of the entire oral cavity, head, and neck.

Types of oral examination in dentistry, dental professionals use various techniques to conduct oral examinations.

The most common type of oral examination involves a visual inspection of the mouth, teeth, and gums.

Dentists use their fingers to feel for any abnormalities, tenderness, or swelling in the jaw, neck, or oral tissues.

Dentists use their fingers to examine the inside of the mouth, feeling for any irregularities on the tongue, palate, and other soft tissues.

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Dentists use their hands to feel for any swelling, tenderness, or abnormalities in the jaw joints, muscles, and lymph nodes.

Intraoral and extraoral palpation are specific techniques used in dentistry to assess the internal and external structures of the oral cavity.

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