RVG Digital Radiography

RVG, which stands for Radiographic Image, or Radiographic Vision, G is an abbreviation for Generation, is a digital radiography technique used in dental imaging.

RVG technology has revolutionized dental radiography by eliminating the need for traditional film-based  x-rays and introducing  digital sensors.

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This may involve removing any objects that may interfere with the imaging process, such as jewelry or removable dental appliances.

The sensor is covered with a disposable sheath or barrier for infection control and then placed inside the patient’s mouth.

Once the sensor is properly positioned, the dental professional operates the x-ray machine to expose the sensor.

After the x-ray exposure, the digital sensor captures the radiation and converts it into an electronic signal.

Once the digital image appears on the computer screen, the dental professional can adjust and enhance the image using specialized software.

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The dental professional evaluates the digital image to diagnose any dental issues or abnormalities.

Digital images can also be easily shared with other dental professionals for consultation or referral purposes.

RVG has revolutionized dental radiography by introducing digital sensors and computer technology.

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