Tooth Extraction Cost in Chennai

Tooth extraction encompasses the process of extracting a tooth from its socket within the jawbone.

The complexity of the extraction significantly impacts the cost, with surgical extractions generally being more expensive due to the skill and time required.

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Front teeth are usually easier to extract than molars, especially wisdom teeth that are located at the back of the mouth.

The experience and expertise of the dentist performing the extraction can influence the cost.

Depending on the complexity of the extraction and the patient’s anxiety levels, various levels of anesthesia or sedation might be required.

The dentist evaluates the tooth’s condition through  X-rays and visual examination to determine the best approach for extraction.

Surgical extractions might involve making an incision and removing the tooth in sections at an affordable tooth extraction cost in Chennai.

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Some dental insurance plans cover a portion of the extraction cost, depending on the plan and the reason for extraction.

Planned extractions can provide more time for financial preparation compared to emergency situations.

Dr. Anji Dental Care can help individuals make informed decisions regarding their oral health and financial considerations.

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