Types of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry involves the restoration or repair of decayed, damaged, or missing teeth in pediatric patients.

When a primary tooth develops a cavity, the decayed portion is removed, and the resulting cavity is filled with a dental material.

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SSCs are pre-fabricated metal crowns used to restore extensively decayed or fractured primary teeth.

If the entire pulp of a primary tooth is infected, a pulpectomy by the best restorative dentists in Chennai may be necessary.

Pedodontic restorative dentistry requires special skills and techniques to address the unique needs and behaviors of children.

After implant placement, a healing period is necessary to allow the implants to integrate with the jawbone. 

The best restorative dentists in Chennai aim to restore the natural appearance of children’s teeth.

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Premature loss of primary teeth can lead to improper alignment of permanent teeth, resulting in malocclusion (improper bite).

Restorative dental procedures involve a thorough examination of a child’s oral health. This helps children develop a trusting relationship with their dentist and fosters a lifelong commitment to oral health.

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